How eCAP Works

Signing up for an eCAP is a simple and cost effective way to manage your compliance. Your eCAP will begin with a team of experts experienced in your specific industry sector conducting a detailed compliance audit. Following the audit, the team will review the audit findings and prepare the audit report. Your assigned Account Manager will then work with you to select the appropriate modules that are applicable to your facility.

e-CAP Modules:

After implementing your eCAP, you and your staff will have secured Internet access to an innovative, real-time electronic record management system that will detail your facilities reporting requirements, EH&S documents, and compliance reporting deadlines. Any of these items can be reviewed by you and/or your Account Manager 24-hours a day, even simultaneously.

In addition to the responsibilities completed under each module, your eCAP Account Manager will provide routine site inspections on an ongoing basis and 24-hour technical support to respond to the compliance needs of your facility including supporting your facility during scheduled or unannounced regulatory agency inspections.

As you can see, eCAP is a unique and powerful compliance management system designed to fit your specific needs. That is why it is considered the next generation of compliance management.

Air Emissions Module
Includes identifying, collecting and maintaining all recordkeeping requirements; submitting reports outlined in a facilityäs permit such as the annual and quarterly inventory reports, completing routine inspections of emission and emission control units, maintaining permits and plans and ensuring the facility stays in compliance with emission limits.

Wastewater/Stormwater Module
All permits relating to wastewater and stormwater will be updated and maintained; annual reports and sampling will be completed and Best Management Practices will be monitored.

Waste Generators Module
All waste storage areas will be inspected. Inspections include verifying good housekeeping practices are being met, verifying storage containers are properly labeled, and inspecting satellite storage areas. All reports and manifests dealing with waste will be completed and UST registrations will be prepared. Pick-up of waste will be coordinated as will the characterization of new waste streams.

The Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan and Emergency Response Plans (ERP) will be maintained. Best Management Practices will be audited monthly and storage areas will be inspected to verify these contingency plans are being followed.

Special Pollutant Module
Plans and documents dealing with asbestos containing materials, lead based paint and PCBäs will be maintained. Verification of procedures described under these plans will be reviewed.

ISO 14001
eCAP can be used to help implement or as a supplement to a company's ISO 14001 program.


Hazard Communication Module
Form Rs and SARA Tier III Reports will be completed and submitted to the appropriate regulatory agency. Additionally, Safety Data Sheets will be updated and maintained. A company can choose to either keep these in a paper format or can have their SDS scanned into an electronic database for easy searches. Finally, a companyäs Hazard Communication Program will be developed and maintained.

Process Safety Module
Under eCAP, your facility will undergo a hazard analysis and your facilityäs standard operating procedures and Preventative Maintenance Plan will be maintained and updated. Professionals will provide training for your employees and secure re-certifications as needed.

OSHA Reporting Module
All forms required under OSHA will be completed. These forms include 200 logs, OSHA 101 forms and the Annual Summary of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses Report.

OSHA Maintenance Module
Plans required under OSHA will be maintained and updated and training required under these will be completed. This includes Confined Space Entry, Lockout/Tagout and Hotworks.

Emergency Planning Module
Emergency Plans such as the Employee Emergency Plan and Fire Prevention Plan will be maintained and updated. All signs that need to be posted will be done by eCAP personnel.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Module
A facility's Respiratory Protection Program and Blood-borne pathogen plan will be updated and maintained. Additionally, training will be provided for Blood-borne pathogens and eCAP will ensure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training and ensure employees are wearing the correct PPE.

Powered Industrial Vehicle Module
This module includes conducting safety inspections, maintaining a facilityäs Powered Industrial Vehicle and Equipment Certifications and providing training courses. eCAP will guarantee all regulations dealing with Powered Industrial Vehicle are being met and implemented.

Laboratory Safety
Ensures proper safety is being followed in the laboratory.