Customized Solution

Fit the exact needs of your company as a complete, customized solution

Your environmental and safety compliance issues aren't exactly like anyone else's. So your compliance program has to be unique. eCAP® is designed exclusively for you. August Mack assigns a group of experts experienced in your industry to assess your situation and determine your compliance requirements. We then design a plan exclusively for you - and can back it with our exclusive guarantee. eCAP®: it's ideal for everyone. Because it's customized just for you.

Guaranteed Compliance

Guarantee that your company is in compliance

eCAP® takes the risk out of environmental and safety compliance. We guarantee your compliance with currently identified requirements and keep you abreast of all future requirements. So you can stop worrying about whether you've made the right compliance decision: with eCAP®, it's guaranteed.

Fixed Monthly Cost

Allow accurate budgeting as a fixed monthly cost

How much should you budget this year for environmental and safety compliance? That's always been a tough question. But not with eCAP®. For a monthly fee, eCAP® fixes your costs annually and takes care of all of your compliance issues. So you don't have to worry about hiring extra staff or taking personnel away from more productive and profitable tasks. And when new regulations lead to new compliance requirements, we make sure you know about them. With eCAP®, compliance is not an unpredictable expense, but a monthly investment in peace of mind.

Increased Profitability

Actually lower costs and raise your bottom line

How many ways can eCAP® lower the costs associated with environmental and safety compliance? It's less expensive than hiring a staff person to perform the same work. It significantly reduces or even eliminates the need for attending seminars, training sessions, and policy meetings about new regulations and requirements. It gives you the most up-to-date information you need to make sure you're always working as efficiently as possible. It helps you boost employee productivity and focus their skills on your core business. It eliminates the possibility of monetary fines for non-compliance. You will save money with eCAP®. And that makes for a more profitable operation.

Decreased Liability

Decrease your liability for penalties, workers' compensation, insurance and legal action

The cost of environmental and safety compliance may be high. But the cost of not being in compliance can be many times greater: fines, penalties, workers' compensation, insurance, legal action - not to mention the cost of eventually coming into compliance with regulations. A company in compliance is a company that has minimized its risk and liability. Let eCAP® help you get there.

A Simple Five-Step Process

Implementing eCAP® is a well-designed five-step process:

  1. Environmental and Safety Compliance Audit - to establish which regulatory programs apply to your facility and where you stand. This audit includes a complete review of your records and a comprehensive on-site inspection of all your facilities, using the same inspection strategy utilized by EPA and OSHA.
  2. Compliance Review and Planning - in which we meet with your management team to review your current compliance status and make plans for the year ahead. We evaluate a wide range of variables, including potential new regulations, the possibility of facility process changes, increased production, capital improvements, reduced waste generation, increased energy efficiency, and improved raw materials usage. Additionally, we develop customized audit protocols for routine inspections.
  3. Site Inspections - August Mack provides routine inspections by trained personnel performing customized compliance audits to ensure ongoing compliance with all environmental and safety requirements.
  4. Electronic Record-Keeping and Reporting - a customized system that manages your compliance activities, reporting requirements, and more. Along with real-time access to your data, you'll receive easy-to-read monthly reports to keep you current with your compliance program.
  5. 24-Hour Technical Support - access whenever you need it for emergency issues, unscheduled inspections by regulatory agencies, and more.

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